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    Inside this website you'll find articles, books, videos, quizzes and games, all about happiness, and designed to uplift your consciousness. Whether you just want a snippet to cheer you up on a bad day, or something to really spark and awaken your consciousness, it's all here.

    N.K. Greene

  • Happiness: The Key to Inner Sunshine
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Happiness Quizzes and Exercises

Happiness Quizzes and Exercises - happiness website

Check out our fun happiness quizzes and exercises page, where  you  can test your knowledge about happiness, discover how happy you really are, and help lift your levels of joy higher. You will find interactive quizzes, printable materials and exercises, and slideshows filled with wisdom and fun facts.


Take the happiness Test by Dr. Robert Holden, and find out exactly how happy you really are.

Happiness Articles

Take a look at our happiness articles, filled with inspiration, ideas, fun and advice. Here are few to get you started:

Inspiring questions that will stretch your imagination

8 Inspiring Questions that will Stretch your Imagination

If you had the power to cure just one disease…which one would you choose? Here are 8 thought-provoking questions that will help you to reflect on your innermost dreams and inspirations, and remind you about what is really important in life…

stay happy during illness - smiling woman holding umbrella in rain7 Ways to Stay Happy when Living with Chronic Illness

What do you do if you’re encountering a health condition that isn’t going away, and you can’t find a solution right now? Is it possible to lead a happy and fulfilling life with chronic health conditions? Here are plenty of tips and advice to ensure you live the happiest life possible no matter what your state of health…


Top FIVE Reasons Forgiveness will make you happy

You can never be happy if you cannot forgive.  The truth is if you can’t forgive, somewhere inside, you will always be a victim to your own anger, hurt or fear.

No one better learned the art of forgiveness than a client of mine, named Thea.  One morning, her doorbell rang and she was surprised to find a representative from her mortgage company.  He said, “Your house is being…

Inspiring Images

mesmerising beach sunset - happiness websiteBe inspired by our Inspiring images page

We have:

• Beautiful sunset galleries

• Images with motivating quotes

• Images with thought-provoking questions about life

• Inspiring images of human kindness


Happiness - The Key to Inner Sunshine ebookLook at the Store in our happiness website for our latest products:

including books, meditation mp3s, videos, and health kits as they become available.


Our latest product is Happiness: The Key to Inner Sunshine, available in kindle and PDF format.